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Dance your best by taking ballroom dance classes in
    West Des Moines. 
We give you the opportunity to dance and learn.

NOTE!!!  No Classes at the Community Center this Sunday - May 15th.  They will be closed


Missy and Mitch - Wedding Dance Jenna and Jake - Wedding Dance

  Two of our recent wedding lesson couples adding
  a little something extra to one of their Rumba
  moves during their first dance.

Suzi....the dance lessons paid off!!!  Everyone raved   
about the bride and groom dance so you should know   
how wonderful it was!  Plus we all enjoyed getting   
to know you and Jim.  thank you again for everything!!  

Sherry S   

Kristel and Matthew - Wedding Dance Ashkey and Cody - Wedding Dance

"We so appreciated Jim and Suzi's patience with us throughout our dance lessons; my husband and I were both very new to dance! During our wedding preparation, we looked forward to our lessons as a light-hearted time to unwind and reconnect. At the reception, the dance definitely caught the attention of our guests; I had never seen so many cameras flashing and recording. It was so much fun and so worth it!"  K. and M.

"Jim and Suzi are wonderful instructors and helped us perfect our
first dance for our wedding. Our lessons were fun and we were
never intimidated. We enjoyed our experience so much that
we continue to take ballroom dance lessons with them." Ashley  



                                                        Give the Gift that Lasts Forever...                 Dancers 1Dancers yourself or to someone you love 

  In the midst of your busy life take time to dance.  Forget about life's worries for an hour or two and relieve
  the stress of work and everyday life.

  Dancing is a fun activity for all ages and all occasions.  

  Fill the Gap!  Dancing fills social, mental, and physical gaps.  Select the dance style that fits your personality. 
  Smooth, Rhythm, International, Salsa, Swing, Polka, or country style of dances.

  Awaken your leisure time with enhanced fun dance skills for weddings, cruises, proms, pro/am or
  am/am competitions, social events, holidays, class or family reunions. 


Click here for a great article on amateur and professional dancers.

Ballroom Dance, as may be obviously seen, is done by couples.  Our classes are oriented toward couples and we do not require couples to rotate. We do accept singles in the class with the understanding that they will get less dance time than those who come with a partner.  In past times, people went to dances and the etiquette was to dance with whoever asked.  Today, most people go to dances to dance with their partner and not to dance with lots of other people.  It is your choice with whom you dance and we respect that.

We believe in providing the bestteaching for Des Moines ballroom dance classes giving students good value for their money and an academic approach to teaching ballroom dance.We have been trained bytop professionals throughout the United States including over 10 different Professional national champions and have also trained with two teachers rated in the top 5 dancers in the world.


Rise to meet each day ~ not all work ~ add a dash of play.

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